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Kurt Von Trapp

Duane Chase as Kurt Von Trapp

Here is a breakdown of the character 'Kurt von Trapp' from 'The Sound of Music'. Remember, this is just the character, You can read about the actor, Duane Chase, here!

Name - Kurt Von Trapp

Real Person - Werner Von Trapp

Actor - Duane Chase

Age - 11

Appearance- Kurt has dark hair and is of average height for an 11 year old. He has a rounded face and one of his funniest lines in 'The Sound of Music' is

'I wonder what grass tastes like...'

Personal Traits - Kurt is questioning and adorable. He tries to act manly and grown up but it is plainly obvious he is only 11 and still discovering himself.

Songs -
'So Long, Farewell'

He also is a part of…

'My Favorite Things'


'Do, Re, Mi'

'The Lonely Goatherd'

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