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No way to stop my favorite stuff!

by Therese

I remember my dad buying sound of music on video tape. I didn't like the captain for a while, then every year he started to grow on me until now I like him a lot. Maria is so childlike and fun! I found out that my favorite singer Josh Groban said that he liked Julie Andrews the best. The first cd that I ever had was from the Sound of Music. Loved the song "How do you solve a problem like Maria". I have a sister named Maria who didn't like us singing that song. I once attended a class for singing. I picked for my song "The Hill are Alive" song. My younger sister picked "Climb every Mountain". I loved the song "16 going on 17". I like the one from the movie better. Rolf sings so well and right and all. I have seen the mother in a movie called "The story of Ruth" as Niomi. Sad story. I remember the private school that I went to had a musical "Sound of Music" with Anne O'Brien and Tim Sauer. Tim Sauer was one of the most amazing singers I ever heard that I saw a lot of. He sang in American Idol I guess. People said that he won. I never watch it so it is hearsay. My sister and I have tried to dance the Landler (I played the Captain of course). I loved the castle where the movie took place. Friedrich was my favorite boy character and even more so after the actor said that he had a crush on Julie Andrews. I remember going to a nursing home with some of my classmates and we sang "So long Farewell". I did Kurt's part even though I'm a girl. I loved the part where Maria first met the Captain when she was practicing curtseying in a ballroom. I love to dance! Love the song "Favorite Things". I have heard it played in a jazz sort of way as well. I like Edelwiss better after hearing that it is actually a flower. Love that the nuns sing "How do you solve a problem like Maria" at the wedding.
State production I like the mother abbess. I didn't understand why they had a black woman playing the mother when it is in Austria. Now I see it was because of her beautiful voice. The nuns sing well also. Carrie Underwood also did a splendid job. Loved her singing the puppet song. I actually also liked Baroness Elsa's singing voice. She did so well. Uncle Max was funny and had a nice voice as well. Captain had a really good voice too. However he didn't look as good as Plummer(probably because Plummer was 25 when he played the Captain). I also like the two songs "No way to stop it" and "How can love Survive"? However, I miss "I have confidence". Well done for being on stage and all that. I can definitely tell that it was all about the singing because every person sang well. The way mother sang "Climb every Mountain" was very moving. I almost had teardrops. Loved "My favorite Things". Salzburg is #4 in my travel dream list.

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