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Not so good...

by Me

I watched the Sound of Music Live, and didn't really enjoy it. I realized, of course, that it would be nowhere as good as the original, but it still disappointed me. Carrie Underwood had wonderful vocals, but Stephen Moyer did not. I actually cringed when I heard him sing for the first time in the production. Compared to the beautiful quality of the original movie, it wasn't very good in my eyes.

One thing that really bothered me was the Do-Re-Mi song. It was in the wrong place completely and the dances seemed extremely forced. The children sounded like professional Broadway singers, not like they were just learning to sing. Finally, one of my biggest pet peeves of the entire movie, was the octave leap in the song. Everyone in the production claimed that they were doing a remake of the PLAY, not the movie; however Carrie Underwood did the octave leap in the song, which was invented by Julie Andrews. She literally went up to the director when they were filming it and asked if she could do it. They also stole a line from the movie that was invented by Christopher Plummer. The original line from the play was "Nothing was right when you were away." Christopher changed it to "Nothing was the same when you were away."

Also, the chemistry between Maria and the Captain seemed a little weird. It was like Stephen Moyer was completely anxious to get with Maria throughout the entire movie. He kissed her like he was eating a ham. Stephen Moyer's performance really disappointed me.

I am very nitpicky when it comes to this movie (it is my favorite), so I am probably one of their worst critics. All in all, I was very disappointed with the live performance. I had to watch the original movie over again just to feel better. It truly makes you appreciate the performances of the actors in the original.

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Apr 12, 2014   ...  NEW

by: Me

I completely agree with the Mother Abbess comment. I think we were all kind of thinking that but everyone was too afraid to say it. Lol. She was great in the role, but honestly, it wasn't realistic.

I don't know why I didn't mention the "Something Good" song. I did previously know about that one. Yeah, so much for "based on the Broadway musical, NOT the movie." I just have to say though, that the live performance lacked most of what I like about the story and the original movie. As I previously mentioned, I think Moyer took his "Captain's secret crush" thing way too far. Seriously, he was flirting like people do today, which was TOTALLY unacceptable in 1930s Austria. I actually found it kind of creepy. Carrie Underwood does deserve props though for effort. I could tell that she really wanted it to be the best it could be. She just needs more acting experience I think.

I also think that if the performance had lasted longer there would have been more time for those cute little moments from the original movie, like when the Captain sings Edelweiss to the children. Since they ended up mashing the play and movie anyways, I think that they definitely should have put some of those moments in there. Also, in the original, Eleanor Parker made Baroness Schroeder actually appealing to people. I really like the way she interpreted the role. The real "Baroness Schroeder" (Princess Yvonne) was definitely more like her. In the live performance, however, Baroness Schroeder became the evil witch we all wanted to get rid of.

Like I said in my previous comment, I am probably one of the worst critics of the performance, so these are nitpicky things that the general public probably wouldn't know (or care) about. Most would probably just see it as a cool blast from the past, from their childhoods. Whichever way anyone sees it, the story is genuinely beautiful and this was one of the only completely family-friendly performances or shows in a long time.

Apr 12, 2014       Dear "Me" NEW

by: Allan

I couldn't agree more! Just about EVERYTHING was wrong with this "new" version of our "favorite thing"! To begin with - the casting. Moyer was attractive enough, but his acting was, shall we say, "curious". Like you, I thought his singing was "strained", to be kind. I ADORE Carrie but, she, too, was just all wrong. There were a few times, here and there, where her own, personal, vulnerability was touching, but she's simply not an actress accomplished enough to handle what she was given. I also adore Audra McDonald. But, and I don't mean this to come across as being racist, I just didn't "buy" a black Mother Superior in 1930s Austria!?!? Her voice, however, on "Climb Ev'ry Mountatin" was the vocal highlight of the entire production!

With the couple of lines you noted as being like from the film, instead of the original stage production, I found it curious that you DIDN'T note that the song "Something Good" was written especially for the film and that it didn't even exist when the original stage production was done!

Several years ago, a local community theater did "The Sound of Music" and, while it was VERY amateur from top to bottom and inside out, the production was a standout in the fact that it COMBINED the stage version AND the film version. The songs were done in the order of the FILM, including the two songs written specifically for it - "I Have Confidence" and "Something Good"! Also, "How Can Love Survive" and "No Way To Stop It", deleted from the film version, were performed where they were intended from the stage production. Curiously, "Something Good" was used INSTEAD of the original "Ordinary Couple". I thought it was a brilliant idea to stage it as we have all come to know it, even with the (mostly) unfamiliar songs not used in the film.

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