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Richard Haydn

Richard Haydn

Name - Georg Richard Haydn

Date Of Birth - 10th March 1905

Birthplace - Camberwell, London (UK)

Death - 25th April 1985 (aged 80) in Los Angeles, California (USA)

Early life - 19 years old - Joined a professional chorus in Scotland as a dancer, however, he then received a $100 inheritance and decided to go travelling. He ended up in Jamaica and began running his own banana plantation, however, a hurricane saw Haydn head back to the UK where he joined a theatre group.

Jobs - Burns and Allen Radio show
'Charley Wyckham' in 'Charley's Aunt' - 1941
'Professor Oddley' in 'Ball of Fire' - 1941
'George Lockwood' in 'Thunder Birds' - 1942
'Mr Butcher' in 'Forever and a Day' - 1943
'Roger Winant' in 'No Time For Love' - 1943
'Speciality' in 'Tonight and Every Night' - 1945
'Thomas Rogers' in 'And Then There Were None' - 1945
'Limo' in 'Adventure' - 1945
'Jason Reid' in 'The Green Years' - 1946
'Jonathan W Wilson' in 'Cluny Brown' - 1946
'Dr. Chisholm' in 'The Beginning or The End' - 1947
'Horatio Willing' in 'The Late George Apley' - 1947
'Deputy Commissioner Hewitt' in 'Singapore' -1947
'Andre LeBlanc' in 'The Foxes of Harrow- 1947
'Earl of Radcliffe' in 'Forever Amber' - 1947
'Clarence Appleton' in 'Sitting Pretty' - 1948
'Emperor Franz - Josef' in 'The Emperor Waltz' - 1948
'Fergel' (He also directe) - 'Miss Tatlock's Millions' - 1948
'The Caterpillar's Voice' in 'Alice in Wonderland' - 1951
'Baron Popoff' in 'The Merry Widow' - 1952
'Christopher Wellington' in 'Never Let Me Go' - 1953
'Bertie Searles' in 'Money From Home' - 1953
'Dr. Avord Barrett' in 'Her Twelve Men' - 1954
'Horatio' in 'Jupiter's Darling' - 1955
'Oliver Wiggins' in 'Twilight for the Gods' - 1958
'Alfred North' in 'Please Don't Eat The Dasies' - 1960
'Professor Summerlee' in 'The Lost World' - 1960
'Sir Henry Vining' in 'Five Weeks in a Balloon' - 1962
'William Brown' in 'Mutiny on the Bounty' - 1962
'Max Detweiler' in 'The Sound of Music' - 1965
'Rupert Rowbotham' in 'Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion - 1965
'Quentin Bartlett' in 'The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin' - 1967
'Solicitor Herr Falkstein' in 'Young Frankenstein' - 1974
'Bookworm' in 'The Hugga Bunch' - 1985
He also wrote a book called 'The Journal of Edwin Carp' in 1954

Richard Haydn

Marriage - Haydn died a bachelor. He lived a very private life and did not like, nor live, the typical 'Hollywood lifestyle'.

Interesting Facts - During filming 'The Sound of Music', Haydn was referred too as 'Herr Dad' because of his love for the children.
-His Character of 'Max Detweiler' was based on the real life role of 'Father Franz Wasner' who helped the Von Trapp Family Singers from the start and remained a close family friend - including escaping to America with them!

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