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Sound of Music Costumes

Dorothy Jeakins designed the wonderful Sound of Music Costumes for the 1965 movie and since then many people have re-created them for parties, events and Sound of Music sing a long's at the theatre!

Here are a few suggestions and idea's for your perfect 'Sound of Music' costume adding to your 'Sound of Music' experience! You can buy these or make them yourself at home, I tend to make my own because it gives it that personal touch.

Why not represent the Abbey and dress up as a nun all the while singing 'How Do you Solve a Problem Like Maria'?

The Von Trapp children in their costumes, including the boys in their Lederhosen

Children (male)
Why not wear the traditional Austrian Lederhosen as worn by Friedrich and Kurt in the movie?

German Soldier
One of the many that invaded Austria and was searching for the Von Trapp family as they hid in the grave yard!

Wear a beautiful long dress! Be sure to check out charity shops for old clothes that can be altered!

Julie Andrews as Maria, wearing a wedding dress

As Maria gets married, why not come in a wedding dress? Great excuse to re-use yours, or dress up like a princess!

My Favorite Things
There are lots of idea's from this song that can be made at home or bought…
Brown Paper Package Tied up with Strings
Cream Colored Pony
Goose ('wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings…')
Girl in a white dress with a blue satin sash
Snowflake ('…that stay on my nose and eyelashes')

Do - Re - Mi
More idea's from this song…
Do - a female deer
Ray - a drop of golden sun
(If you really don't like Fancy Dress)Me - a name I call myself
Sew - A needle and thread
Tea - a drink with…
Jam and Bread!

A Clown
From the song 'How do you solve a problem like Maria'?

The Lonely Goatherd
A Prince (…'on the bridge of a castle mote heard..')
Little girl in a pale pink coat

Party Guest
At the party Captain Von Trapp throws for the Baroness why not be a party guest at Gretl's first party! ('It'll be my first party father')

Carry a guitar (perhaps inflatable for extra fun) a hat and a dress to create a perfect 'Maria' costume!

- As in.. Christopher Plummer… quite an original idea!

Edelweiss Patterns Dress

Why not check out 'Edelweiss Patterns' for a dress exactly like the one Liesl wore in the gazebo scene?

Children (curtain clothes)
The 'play clothes' Maria creates from the curtains that used to hang in her room are a great costume idea! Check out 'The Sew Weekly' - This lady made all the play clothes for her little girl's 3rd birthday party!

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