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Check out Liesl Von Trapp's 'Die Hard' Sound of Music Trivia question's! The ultimate test to check your backstage, musical, movie and actor knowledge! Grab a pen and paper and see how much of a fan you really are!

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The character of Max Detweiler in the movie is based on a real life person, who?

Gretl asks Uncle Max why she is always listed last of all the children. What reason does Uncle Max give?

Who starred as the first ever 'Maria' on Broadway in 1959?

Julie Andrews wrote a biography about her childhood. What is the name of this book?

Angela Cartwright (Brigitta) originally went in to audition for another of the Von Trapp children, which one?

In the song 'So Long, Farewell' Liesl would like to stay at the party, but why?

The Baroness asks Maria is there is anything she can't do, to which Maria replies that she wouldn't makeā€¦ what?

Which of 'The Sound of Music' cast could not swim?

The real Captain Von Trapp died in America in 1947. What did he die from?

What is the name of the building used for the back of the Von Trapp house in the movie?

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