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How much do you love 'The Sound of Music'? These 'easy' questions shouldn't be too much if you've only seen the movie a couple of times… grab a pen and paper and try them out!

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What is the name of Austria's national flower that Captain Von Trapp sings a song about?
A. Lilly
B. Edelweiss
C. White Rose

Who is 17 going on 18 and a telegram boy?
A. Friedrich
B. Kurt
C. Rolf

Who plays the character 'Maria'?
A. Julie Andrews
B. Audrey Hepburn
C. Charmian Carr

What were the children's play clothes made from?
A. Curtains
B. Bedding
C. Carpet

Which city is a large part of the 1965 movie 'The Sound of Music' filmed in? CLUE: It's in Europe
A. Rome
B. Salzburg
C. Vienna

'The Sound of Music' is based on a true story?
A. True
B. False

Fill in the blank of these lyrics from the song 'How Do you Solve a Problem Like Maria': 'She's always late for everything except for every …'
A. Choir
B. Mass
C. Meal

What do the Von Trapp children leave in Maria's pocket when they first meet her?
A. Spider
B. Frog
C. Chocolate

Who wants a pink parasol for their 7th birthday?
A. Liesl
B. Gretl
C. Marta

What is Captain Von Trapp's first name?
A. Georg
B. Kurt
C. Hans

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