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Have you got kids who love 'The Sound of Music'? Why not keep them entertained with these Easy multiple choice Kids Questions! They are also perfect for children's 'Sound of Music' birthday parties! Grab a pen and paper and see how well you do!

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What is the name of the oldest Von Trapp girl?
A. Liesl
B. Gretl
C. Maria

How many Von Trapp Children are there?
A. 12
B. 10
C. 7

Maria was hired to become a 'governess' for the Von Trapp Children, but what was she going to be before that?
A. Actress
B. Nun
C. Bus Driver

Finish these lyrics 'The hills are alive with…'
A. '…the sound of music'
B. '…the wind and rain'
C. '…the animals'

What is the name of the children's uncle?
A. Bob
B. Kurt
C. Max

What animal are the puppets in the children and Maria's puppet show?
A. Horses
B. Goats
C. Dogs

How old is Gretl, the youngest of the Von Trapp Children?
A. 5
B. 7
C. 3

When Maria is on her way to the Von Trapp house singing 'I have Confidence' and when she first meets the Von Trapp family she has 3 items; her hat, her bag and what else?
A. Guitar
B. Keyboard
C. Pet Dog

Where do the family hide from the nazi's toward the end of the movie?
A. Under the bed
B. In the house
C. Behind the grave stones

How do they eventually escape Austria in the movie?
A. Walking over the mountains
B. Driving to Switzerland
C. Taking a train

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