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Check out Kurt Von Trapp's 'hard' Sound of Music Trivia question's! Do you really know 'The Sound of Music' as well as you think you do? Grab a pen and paper and see how much of a fan you really are!

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In the 1965 movie during which song does the real Maria Von Trapp make a cameo appearance?

Maria often got in disagreements with one particular sister at the Abbey so she explained that she began 'kissing the floor when she saw her coming'. Which sister was this?

On the terrace Uncle Max eats strudel, but how many?

During the gazebo scene in which Liesl and Rolf sing '16 going on 17' and dance, Liesl is sporting a bandage on one of her ankles, true or false?

In the 1965 movie the song 'Something Good' replaced another song in the stage production of the musical, which song was it?

What is the name of the Butler?

Charmian Carr who played 16 year old Liesl Von Trapp was actually older than the character but how old was she?

In what decade was the movie / musical set?

What is the name of the Abbey in Salzburg?

As we meet the children in the movie, Brigitta comes in reading a book, what colour is this book?

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