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Sound of Music Trivia - Brigitta

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Check out Brigitta Von Trapp's 'medium' Sound of Music Trivia question's! The last of the trivia questions which are multiple choice. Grab a pen and paper and see how much of a fan you really are!

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What is uncle Max's last name?
A. Detweiler
B. Zeller
C. Schraeder

Which Von Trapp child can also play guitar?
A. Kurt
B. Louisa
C. Liesl

What is the name of the dance that the Captain and Maria dance at the party at the Von Trapp house?
A. Polka
B. Ländler
C. Waltz

Kurt says 'I wonder what … tastes like?'
A. Flowers
B. Strawberries
C. Grass

Where does the Baroness want to send the children?
A. Church
B. Boarding School
C. Vienna

Who played 'Brigitta Von Trapp' in the 1965 movie 'The Sound of Music'?
A. Debbie Turner
B. Angela Cartwright
C. Kym Karath

Which Von Trapp child said that Maria's dress was the ugliest thing she ever saw?
A. Louisa
B. Brigitta
C. Marta

What is the name of the 1965 'The Sound of Music' movie director?
A. Bob Schwarts
B. Jerome Robbins
C. Robert Wise

Which Von Trapp child does Maria forget during her prayer in her room?
A. Kurt
B. Friedrich
C. Marta

Which of these is not one of the nuns featured at the Abbey?
A. Sister Berthe
B. Sister Margaretta
C. Sister Grace

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