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The Sound of Wedding Bell Music

by Therese

-Have 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen or 7 altogether (7 children)
-In the wedding vows "When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when you're feeling sad, I will be there for you ( or something like that).
-Have the song "How do you solve a problem like (name of bride) playing when she goes down the altar.
-Have nuns at your wedding.
-Dance the Landler at your wedding reception.
play the song "16 going on 17" at your first dance.
-Play "Climb every Mountain" as you leave your wedding ceremony.
-Have Edelweiss shipped from Austria put in brides and bridesmaids bouquets.
-Have tea and jam and bread as part of the food at the reception.
-Have your groom wear some sort of navy captain's suit on.
-Have Austrian songs be part of the music.
-Find out some Austrian traditions done at weddings.

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